Ishita Industries is an India-based - International Standard Quality ISO 9001:2000 - Chemical manufacturer and trader. The company has over ten years experience in chemical international trading, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential quality chemical traders in India. The group companies manufactures and supplies Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates, dyestuffs, pigments and a broad range of industrial chemicals for a global market.

Quality is our habit and always provide required purity and standards to each batch. Every dispatch is done after complete test for its standards, purity, strength, tone, solubility particle and even packing by use of highly sophisticated and technologically advanced machines. The parameters of quality control are very difficult to achieve, nevertheless only those batches which pass these tests are dispatched to customers. All these efforts together guarantee accuracy, precession and consistent quality products to our customers. 

Ishita Industries possesses the necessary resources to supply Intermediates to the agro-chemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical synthesis industries. Our prime focused and well known product is "Anthranilic Acid".

Ishita Industries Manufacturing Anthranilic Acid, 5-Sulpho Anthranilic Acid, Phthalimide, 5-Sulpho Hydrazone.

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